Design runs strongly in my family - my great grandfather and great uncle were both architects who designed commercial buildings and banks in Sydney in the early 1920s. Some are standing today - re-purposed to meet the 21st century and still going strong. My brother is also an architect.




By the end of the 1950s my parents had outgrown the post war house they built in Wahroonga, Sydney.


Hankering for more space to raise us kids and indulge in their passion for plants, they embarked on a tree change.


In 1960, against convention, they bought a large block of land north west of Sydney at Castle Hill. Back then the Hills district was distinctly rural with market gardens, hobby farms, horses, mushroom farms, chicken farms and houses dotted about. It was very different from the neat established houses and leafy gardens of Sydney's north shore. 


Their friends thought they were mad or brave, or both. But they had a vision of what the site could offer with its wonderful elevated views towards the Blue Mountains and all that space for a large garden. They called it Mirrabooka - place of mirrored views.


They commissioned a young architect, Bruce Rickard, to design a family home. Rickard was strongly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian style of architecture. Nestled into the site, the house was constructed using local sandstone, salvaged sandstock bricks, a flat roof with clerestory windows to maximise natural light, and generous eaves to control summer sun. 


My father incorporated a dramatic cantilevered post tensioned concrete deck into the design - arguably the first of its kind in an Australian residence.


In keeping with the Usonian philosophy of having a strong visual connection between the interior and exterior, my father designed a unique Japanese style entry. Access to the front door is  via a waterfall and series of stepping stones,  across a beautiful koi carp pond. 


My immersion in this extraordinary design-rich environment, created and nurtured for over fifty years by my parents from a vacant block of land, strongly influenced me and still  inspires me to explore many design paths.





My art and design interests are wide ranging. I work in a variety of design fields including interior design, landscape design, colour consulting, logo design, illustration, art and sculpture, with a bit of floristry on the side to indulge in my love of flowers.


In the past I've loved working with silver, studying metalsmithing under Walraven van Heeckeren - a talented gold and silversmith - selling my jewellery at Pochoir gallery in North Sydney.  


I completed my BA (Interior Design) degree at the University of Technology, Sydney.  Now, over twenty five years later, I have a wealth of design-rich experience to bring to my design projects.


I've been involved in large corporate fitouts, hospitality projects and other commercial interiors in Sydney and Bali, but now I prefer the intimacy of residential design - and kitchen design in particular. I love using a well designed kitchen with friends and family around to enjoy the atmosphere and food.


Over ten years ago I completed a Diploma of Horticulture (Landscape Design) at Ryde TAFE, Sydney, Australia. It perfectly complements my interior design services and I love the challenge of working in the fourth dimension (time) when designing landscapes.


I believe that good design is the cornerstone of relaxed home living. When spaces are designed to be visually exciting, using a contemporary palette of materials, interiors and landscapes work successfully on many levels and are inspirational to live and grow in.


I now live in Wellington, New Zealand and regularly travel between Sydney and Wellington, working with clients in both cities.